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The rantings, views and commentary of a right-winged criminal justice student on current events, politics, law, and even life. The goal of this blog is to allow the writer to vent on articles and experiences that make him angry and to open up discussions in a hostile atmosphere. So please sit back and relax as I convert you to the dark side.

Location: Kansas, United States

I'm a single 23 year-old Christian (non-denom) male from an undisclosed location in Kansas. I am in the process of furthering my education and hopefully starting up a career in law enforcement.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Who the heck abandoned this place? There's mice and vermin all over! Someone needs to quit neglecting their blog and clean this dump up and get more active!


Friday, August 11, 2006

Burning Both Ends

Well everyone, I am still around but the duties that all realms of my life has brought upon me has given me 16 to 18 hour days. And the fun part of having 4 hour sleep sessions! I am still fairly happy and optomistic and no where near burn out, yet. So hopefully I will not be overwhelmed and beat someone to death with a cluebat.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jamestown Archaeological Discoveries

Awesome read! Atleast for those like me who are history buffs.

Misdemeanor for Murder.

Sounds like my home town.

What happened to my I?

Okay, my little post on Miami Vice below definitly had an "I" at the end of Miam. I am a typo-personality who has one pop up occassionally. But I proofread that puppy pretty good before I pushed submit. I wonder if this is a software error.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miami Vice!

An interesting read on the drug trade that goes through Miama today. Kind of in line with a current plug to the movie, which will never really reflect anything from the show looking at the actors, dress, or style.

I would like to interview a few of those officers. I own a season plus a few random episodes of the original show. It is pretty fascinating, some accurate. Some outlandish. Their comments on it being close are interesting. But my LEO experience has taught me the most outlandish thing can happen. So hearing un-trumpted up, non news, first hand accounts would be nice.

2nd Ammendment Stops Madman

This is a read that makes you feel all warm inside.

ARLINGTON, Tennessee (AP) -- A knife-wielding grocery store employee attacked eight co-workers Friday, seriously injuring five before a witness pulled a gun and stopped him, police said.
The 21-year-old suspect, whose name was withheld pending charges, was arrested and then taken to a hospital after complaining of chest pains, Memphis Police Sgt. Vince Higgins said. The attack apparently stemmed from a work dispute, police said.
Five victims, one in critical condition, were admitted to the Regional Medical Center, the main trauma hospital for the Memphis area. Three others were less badly hurt and treated at another hospital.
The attacker, chasing one victim into the store's parking lot, was subdued by Chris Cope, manager of a financial services office in the same small shopping center, Higgins said.
Cope said he grabbed a 9mm semiautomatic pistol from his pickup truck when he saw the attacker chasing the victim "like something in a serial killer movie."
"When he turned around and saw my pistol, he threw the knife away, put his hands up and got on the ground," Cope told The Associated Press. "He saw my gun and that was pretty much it."
Police arrived within minutes and took the attacker into custody.
"He just kept saying, 'I'm insane. I wish I was never born' and that kind of stuff," Cope said.
The attack started in an employee area of the Schnucks supermarket on the outskirts of Memphis and no customers were involved, Higgins said.
Police said two large kitchen knives used in the attack were found at the scene.
Witness Frank Rector said the attacker held a knife high in a stabbing position as he chased a victim into the parking lot. The victim, Rector said, "was circling, trying to get away from him."
The ages of the victims were not immediately released. Higgins and a company spokeswoman said all the victims were employees of the store.
The spokeswoman said officials from the St. Louis-based company were on their way to the scene.
Higgins said police were pulling into the parking lot as Cope was confronting the attacker.
"We commend him," Higgins said. "But we don't encourage people to take that kind of risk. He could have been hurt."

Bravo! I can understand the police skittishness in telling people to stop other armed felons, but I am glad they gave him a bit of praise.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jack The Ripper Identified?

I received this interesting article in my inbox a few days ago. HT to 308 Mike!

PRIVATE handwritten notes by the man who led the hunt for Jack the Ripper naming the chief suspect were given to Scotland Yard’s Black Museum yesterday.
Chief Inspector Donald Swanson kept quiet for years but in retirement, frustrated that the murderer had escaped justice, could not resist scribbling notes in the margin of his boss’s memoirs, naming the man that they both believed had become the world’s most famous serial killer.

The man he named was Aaron Kosminski, a Polish-Jewish hairdresser living in Whitechapel, East London, who was eventually committed to a lunatic asylum, where he died.
According to Swanson the police were so convinced that Kosminski was the killer of at least five prostitutes in the 1880s that they organised a secret identity parade at a police rest home. The witness was a Jew who was said to have refused to give evidence.
Swanson made his notes in a book called The Lighter Side of My Official Life by Sir Robert Anderson, who was an assistant commissioner, for whom Swanson became staff officer.
Sir Robert said as a “definitely ascertainable fact” that the killer was a Polish Jew. He said that the only person who ever had a good view of the killer “unhesitantly identified the suspect the instant he was confronted but refused to give evidence”.
Mr Swanson wrote: “Because the suspect was also a Jew and also because his evidence would convict the suspect and witness would be the means of murderer being hanged — which he did not wish to be left on his mind.”
He said that the suspect had been taken by police to the rest home for the identification and that Kosminski knew he had been identified. He was taken back to his brother’s home in Whitechapel and police kept a secret watch.
Eventually he had to be taken, bound, to a workhouse and then to an asylum where he died “shortly afterwards”. Swanson wrote: “Kosminski was the suspect.”
Yesterday as the Swanson family handed over the book with its margin notes to the Yard’s refurbished Crime Museum, Detective Chief Superintendent Steve Lovelock, who heads detective training and the museum, said that the identification was very interesting.
Mr Lovelock said that the name had been mentioned before and the margin notes were revealed some years ago but he believed that they were significant.
Nevill Swanson, the Victorian detective’s grandson, said; “My grandfather thought he had got his man but never nailed him.”
Yard researches suggested that Kosminski was arrested by police after he threatened his sister with a knife and they were struck by his resemblance to descriptions of the Ripper.
But he was considered too mentally ill to be questioned, He was taken in the care of his brother to a Yard police rest home in Brighton and the identity parade was held there.

I am slightly skeptical because something like this should have come up decades ago. But it is still a fascinating read and a very strong possibility. The rub about the whole historic happenings is there will be no way to ever prove who it was so this is the most decent thing to go on.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen.

That is what I said about the don'tdatehim site when I first read it. Now it is fact.

Down with the Sickness

Well I have some sort of cold that has been zapping my energy. I came down with it in the middle of work last night and it has been a real killer. Oddly enough when I forced myself through an hour of exercise it felt very beneficial. I almost felt full-blown healthy. I think I'll attempt working through all my colds.

In some very awesome training I got the chance to play around with a police bike and learn a few tools of the trade. I originally had a big interest in becoming a Bike Officer but after a while I thought it would be too much work. But after going through what I did Sunday I am absolutly craving ownership of a mountain bike. (As opposed to a Wal Mart cheapy.) I need to shop around.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Christian Group Can Remain at University

This is a rather angering read. Despit the fact that all sorts of colleges and universities have thousands of student groups nation wide that require pledges, Southern Illinois University revoked a Christian group from being allowed to meet and use resources on campus. And the more idiotic part of this story is that they stopped the support because someone outside the university objected.

Atleast the court system made the right decision.


NASA uses space-age duct tape to assist space walk.

Where did they come up with that name? It sounds like a name of a planet from some 1950's sci-fi movie.